28 Breathtaking Short Square Acrylic Nails Summer Designs

Summertime is a season of color, playfulness, and unapologetic self-expression. And what better way to showcase your style than through a set of beautifully designed short square acrylic nails? From the whisper of pastels to the shout of neons, your nails are a testament to your summer story. Let’s dip into the colors of the season and explore the trends that will make your fingertips the talk of every sun-kissed gathering.

Pastel Stripes: A Symphony of Soft Tones

The gentle play of pastel stripes on a sheer background creates a symphony of soft tones that whisper of summer sunsets and ice cream delights. The precision of these lines speaks to a design that is both cute and calculated—a perfect blend for a beach day or a summer evening soiree.

Sky Blue Dreams: A Touch of Serenity

Here we have the serenity of the summer sky captured on your nails. A smooth application of sky blue paired with a sprinkling of glitter on a pink base is like the first breath of a seaside morning—super peaceful and inviting.

Pink Blossoms: A Dance of Flowers

Nothing says summer like the bold bloom of flowers. These nails don the vibrant pink and coral hues of summer florals, complemented by a sheer backdrop that allows each petal to stand out, as if dancing on a warm breeze.

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Zephyr Swirls: A Whimsical Wind

White and pink swirls over a transparent base mimic the playful zephyr winds of summer, perfect for an individual who finds poetry in the movement of the air and the playful design of nature.

Geometric Sunshine: Lines and Brightness

Geometry takes a playful turn with bright yellow lines cutting across a light pink base. It’s a design that’s both fun and fascinating, as structured as a summer day’s plan and as bright as its execution.

Candy Button Lineup: A Sweet Array

Nostalgia meets modernity in this cute lineup of candy-like dots. This design reflects a simple pleasure, reminiscent of childhood summers and the joy of little moments.

Floral Dot Art: Summer’s Garden at Your Fingertips

A peach base blossoms with dots and floral designs, featuring pops of blue, orange, and pink. It’s a nail design that’s as extra as it is exquisite, a true depiction of summer’s wild garden.

Psychedelic Waves: A Vivid Summer Vision

Bold purple and yellow waves over a pink base scream of summer vibrancy and the joy of music festivals under the open sky. This design is for those who carry the beat of summer in their hearts.

Cool French Tips: A Fresh Take on a Classic

A fresh take on the French tip, this design pairs blue with a translucent pink, offering a cool summer twist on a timeless classic.

Neon Droplets: A Splash of Vivid Hues

Here’s a design that drops the heat of summer right on your nails—neon droplets that command attention and celebrate the season’s brightest days.

Whimsical Florals: Pink Petal Dance

Gentle and playful, this design captures the delicate dance of pink petals across a sheer canvas. It’s a flirtatious mix of pink vibrance with a touch of gold, conjuring up images of summer blooms. The contrast of bold pink on one nail adds a dash of surprise to this otherwise understated elegance.

Modern Abstract: Geometric Coolness

For the art lover with a penchant for summer exhibitions, here’s a design that’s all about modern art. Pastel pinks and blues intersect with bold black lines, creating a geometric coolness that’s both chic and playful. It’s an acrylic masterpiece right at your fingertips.

Sky Blue Serenity: Crisp Summer Day

This solo blue shade evokes the clarity of a crisp summer sky. No clouds in sight, just unending blue—it’s a soothing escape from the summer heat, offering a cool touch to any outfit. It’s simplicity at its most serene and sophisticated.

Melting Sorbet: Swirls of Summer Delight

Imagine a swirl of sherbet colors melting under the summer sun—this design brings that fantasy to life. The interplay of soft orange and teal with a gentle curve suggests a sweetness that’s as tantalizing as a frozen treat on a hot day.

Pink Waves: A Splash of Fun

Vibrant waves of pink and purple roll over a soft pink base, offering a playful nod to the fun-filled waves at the beach. This design is for those who carry the joy of summer in their hearts, ready to make a splash wherever they go.

Lemon Twist: A Zesty Edge

The zesty yellow tips give a sharp, tangy edge to the soft pink base, like a twist of lemon enhancing a cool summer drink. It’s a lively, refreshing look that’s sure to add a pop of vibrant color and energy to your summer adventures.

Groovy Marbling: Retro Vibes

Here’s to the nostalgia lovers, a throwback to the groovy 70s with a marbling of pink and white. It’s a retro vibe that feels incredibly current—a perfect balance of old-school cool and modern flair.

Bubblegum Bliss: Sweet and Bold

Bold in bubblegum pink, this design is both sweet and assertive. It’s a single-color statement that’s as striking as a summer sunset and as bold as your summer dreams.

Lavender Lines: Purple Perfection

Lavender lines grace these nails, creating a design that’s as fragrant as a field of Provencal lavender. It’s a subtle nod to the beauty of summer blossoms, perfect for a season full of color and life.

Neon Loops: Bright and Audacious

For those who love to stand out, these neon loops over a pastel base are a declaration of confidence. It’s a design that says, ‘Here I am,’ as loudly and proudly as the brightest summer day.

A Sunny Splash on Your Tips: “Lemonade Stand Chic”

Imagine a lemonade stand in full swing on a scorching summer day—now picture that zest on your nails. The yellow tips are as bright as the midday sun, while the pastel pink whispers of the gentle sunset. The nails alternate between these colors, some in solid, juicy hues and others with a translucent finish sprinkled with black and pink dots, like seeds in a ripe watermelon. This design screams extra summery fun and is as playful as it is pretty.

Serene Skies: “Clear Horizons”

What’s more calming than a clear sky on a warm day? The soft blue polish on these nails brings that tranquility right to your fingertips. A delicate splash of light pink adds a touch of the horizon just as the sun dips. Each nail is a serene canvas, adorned with minimalist black line art, giving a nod to the soaring birds of the early eve. It’s simplicity married with grace.

Lavender Dreams: “Pastel Picnics”

The soft purple reminds one of a field of lavender under a pastel sky. The sheer nail base with purple tips is whimsical, with a single nail featuring a detailed black branch. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic dress, exuding a cute charm that’s both stylish and dreamy.

Summer Blush: “Peachy Beach Days”

Can you hear the waves calling? This set uses a mix of peach and soft pink shades, hinting at beachy sunsets and fruity cocktails. With delicate white flowers adorning the translucent nails, it’s a summer romance waiting to happen. And those gold rings? The perfect accessory to elevate the beachy vibe.

Splash of Cool: “Ocean Breeze”

The vibrant blue tones mixed with speckled translucent nails here are reminiscent of the ocean’s spray and cool breezes. It’s the kind of design that’s equally at home at a seafront café or on a boardwalk stroll.

Rainbow Sorbet: “Sweet Treats”

Life’s too short for boring nails, especially in the summertime. This look is like scooping up all your favorite flavors of sorbet. With stripes of colors pink, yellow, blue, and purple, it’s a delightful treat for your nails, inspired by the sweetest summer desserts.

Neon Nights: “Glow Party”

When the summer night comes alive, so should your nails. The neon green tips of these nails will glow as the evening lights hit, making a statement that’s both bold and playful. It’s a look that says you’re ready for impromptu midnight swims and beach bonfires.

Sunset Hues: “Summer’s Embrace”

With a gradient that mirrors the summer’s best sunsets, these nails combine warm yellow and pink in a creamy blend that’s both delicious and mesmerizing. It’s a design that embraces the beauty of summer evenings with open arms.

Each of these designs is a chapter in your summer story, ready to be shown off and shared.

So, which one will you choose to paint your summer memories?

Tell us in the comments, share your favorites, and remember: summer is the perfect time to be bold, to be bright, and to be uniquely you.

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