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Access Now

Access Now Grants

We provide flexible and grantee-driven funding to grassroots and frontline organizations fighting for human rights in the digital age. We pursue this work at a time when civil society around the world is working under increasingly difficult circumstances, from targeted censorship, to restrictions on operations, to threats to physical safety. It is also a time when the digital space has become a critical battleground in broader human rights struggles, as well as a place where marginalization, societal discrimination, and violence can be reproduced and even amplified. We aim to strengthen the global digital rights community by expanding, diversifying, and empowering the movement at the grassroots.

Our grantees work with users and communities most at risk of and most detrimentally impacted, online or off, by digital rights violations.

We fund work in low- and middle-income countries, parts of the world receiving the least amount of human rights funding. In rare cases, we support efforts that directly support people in one of these countries, even if the grantee is not based there.

We Prioritize

Grassroots organizations rooted in at-risk communities with limited access to funding

Frontline organizations working in contexts where the impacts of digital rights violations are most severe

Organizations working at the intersection of digital rights and other human rights issues

Feminist organizations working to protect the digital rights of women, LGBTQI+ people, and gender nonconforming people

Featured Grantees


Building Latin America’s first context-specific resource for victims of online harassment, including dissemination of nonconsensual pornography. From reporting to online platforms, to pursuing legal remedies, to opening community dialogue and defending sexual freedoms, Acoso.Online empowers women, LGBTQI people, and their supporters to report, recover, and resist. The tool is localized in 14 countries, with coverage expanding throughout the region.


Conducting participatory research to uncover the digital security needs of activists and human rights defenders in Chiapas, Mexico, as well as the broader context of surveillance and other digital threats to human rights in the state. Sursiendo supports at-risk users in a region with a history of violent repression of social movements and indigenous communities.


Researching issues including censorship, surveillance, and profiling of Palestinians on social media, and advocating for better policies to protect Palestinians’ freedom of expression. 7amleh has integrated digital rights into the broader Palestinian rights movement and has led the charge within Palestinian civil society to hold tech companies accountable for the human rights impact of their policies.

iFreedom Uganda

Training sex workers and LGBTQI individuals on digital security, and advocating for internet freedoms from a human rights perspective. iFreedom Uganda — a network of 28 member organizations — was founded to ensure that marginalized groups in Uganda are able to freely express themselves without fear of reprisal from state agencies and dangerous hacking groups.

Fundación Acceso

Providing systematic physical, technological, legal, and psychosocial assistance to human rights defenders, journalists, environmental and indigenous rights activists, and feminist and LGBT leaders across Central America, who face violence and criminalization of their activism. Acceso coordinates efforts to document and investigate digital attacks on civil society through its Regional Digital Security Observatory.

What We Fund

Threats to digital rights take many forms, depending on the context and unique challenges specific users or communities face, ranging from censorship and network disruption, to communications surveillance, to lack of protections for personal data, to online harassment, and beyond. Likewise, Access Now grantees are tackling a diverse array of digital rights challenges with an equally diverse set of approaches depending on their context and the opportunities they see to create positive change.

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Some examples of what Access Now Grants supports include:

How we Fund

Our grantmaking is grounded in international human rights frameworks and takes an intersectional approach that recognizes that threats to digital rights are compounded when they intersect with other human rights abuses or discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, class, or other means of marginalization. Our commitment to communities and users most at risk manifests itself in different ways in different contexts and focuses on these intersections.

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline, global team, and Advisory Board are integral to our ability to identify and understand the needs of grassroots activists and organizations.

Ensure respect for and accountability to our grantees through our processes and communications, while acknowledging and working to flatten the power imbalances between funder and grantee

Be transparent about criteria, internal processes, and decisions

Use clear and simple procedures and language that can be understood by applicants and the broader community

Allow local actors and communities to define priorities and set their own goals

Provide flexibility to respond to emerging opportunities and external needs

Require limited paperwork and reduce the administrative burden on grantees whenever possible

Continuously self-evaluate and engage within the sector to identify how Access Now can most effectively operate, fund, and contribute

Types of Grants

Funds projects with explicit end goals, finite timelines, and clear objectives.

Awarded to organizations whose activities are closely aligned with the mission of Access Now Grants, and who have a demonstrated body of programmatic work.

Funds can be used for any general operating costs.

Funds initiatives responding to emergencies and emerging needs or capturing imminent opportunities.

Funds are small and short term.

Maximum grant size is $10,000.

Funds human rights organizations that are amplifying the voices of marginalized groups online and want to improve their digital security. The nature of their work and the communities they work on behalf of may make them particularly at risk online or particularly effective online.

Application Process

Advisory Board

Access Now has assembled an Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance and oversight of grant recipients. This board is made up of experts in the regions and fields in which Access Now gives grants, and helps us ensure accountability, local relevance, and community engagement in our program. We would like to thank the following individuals for donating their time and energy:

  • Gayathry Venkiteswaran (Malaysia)
    former Executive Director, Southeast Asian Press Alliance
  • Harlo Holmes (U.S.)
    Digital Security Trainer, Freedom of the Press Foundation
  • Arzu Geybullyeva (Azerbaijan / Turkey)
    Regional Analyst & Blogger, Global Voices
  • Grace L.N Mutung’u (Kenya)
    Kenyan ICT lawyer
  • Abir Ghattas (Lebanon)
    Information Security Technologist, Human Rights Watch
  • Loreto Bravo (Mexico)
    Latin American feminist without borders, consultant in community telecommunications, free software and digital security. Digital Integrity Fellow-DDP/Hivos

Statement on Grantee Autonomy: While Access Now Grants works closely with Access Now’s other programmatic teams, Access Now Grantees are under no requirement to collaborate with Access Now’s Policy, Advocacy, Tech, or RightsCon teams or to agree with Access Now’s positions and tactics on specific issues. The grants program has the independence to support grantees’ efforts regardless of whether they are aligned with Access Now’s policy positions. We take the aim of diversifying the digital rights movement seriously, and this includes diversity of perspectives, analysis, and tactics.

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Access Now Grants is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in supporting our grants program.

access now

1 Access

2 access

приступ (гнева, болезни)

denied вчт. доступ не разрешен

to вчт. доступ к

to carry on commerce возможность заниматься коммерческой деятельностью

to drawing facilities возможность получения денежных средств

to education доступ к образованию

to purchase возможность покупки

to rediscounting of deposits возможность переучета депозитов

вчт. произвольный доступ

вчт. безконфликтная выборка

вчт. доступ для диагностического контроля

вчт. прямой доступ

вчт. прямой доступ к диску

вчт. прямой доступ в память

вчт. быстрый доступ

block вчт. блок доступа к файлу

denied вчт. нет доступа к файлу

вчт. доступ с помощью клавиатуры

открытый, доступный;
free access свободный доступ

свободный доступ к рынку

to свободный доступ к

вчт. выборка с магнитнитного барабана

вчт. доступ в режиме меню

вчт. множественный доступ multiple

вчт. доступ одним нажатием клавиши

вчт. доступ с организацией очереди

method вчт. метод доступа с очередями

method вчт. метод последовательного доступа с очередями

вчт. произвольный доступ random

вчт. прямой доступ

вчт. дистанционный доступ remote

of access право доступа

of access право обращения

method вчт. вторичный метод доступа

вчт. метод последовательного доступа;
последовательный доступ sequential

comp. последовательный доступ

вчт. последовательный доступ

вчт. коллективный доступ shared

вчт. одновременная выборка

вчт. доступ для единственного пользователя

вчт. выборка из ЗУ storage

вчт. обращение к зу

вчт. множественный доступ с квантованием

method вчт. виртуальный метод доступа

method вчт. виртуальный телекоммуникационный доступ

вчт. немедленная выборка

3 access rights

4 discretionary access control list

5 easy access

6 free access

7 multiple-access

8 non-access

9 system access control list

10 zero-access memory

11 access

12 access course

13 block the access

14 DMA direct memory access

15 easy of access

16 facility of access

17 non-access

18 RDA Remote Data Access

19 self-access

20 access

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